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Intelligent Farming

Our digital platform enables us to make your farming more efficient by creating individual specific dashboards from real-time field-based insights enabling correct daily operational decisions

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Our Core Digital Services

FMEC Digital creates services that help large scale businesses to reach targets. Our solutions are complex on the inside but create a simple platform for the end-user. Each solution gets carefully adjusted to each client's specific environment that makes it easy to run it and ensures maximum effect.

FMEC Intelligent AG

Is our full packaged intelligent agricultural solution where we've managed to marry field and crop management, IoT solutions with high powered enterprise resource management systems. This package allows one to manage and control the farming processes in real-time and limits operational logjams and failures from happening days and weeks before they could have taken place.

FMEC Intelligent AG

What is FMEC intelligent AG?

FMEC Intelligent AG is a powerful combination of components that enable you to obtain a sophisticated digital solution that works out of the box and is tailor made to suite your requirements and also delivers task specific real time dashboards for different levels of management.

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  • A state-of-the-art enterprise management platform (rolled out, launched and managed)

  • Farming workflows and processes configured

  • Predefined master data and balanced patterns provided

  • User support and training alongside with highly professional functional competency centres


FMEC Intelligent AG service consists of a complete set of modules that can cover every single business process or complement and enhance your existing digital solution.

FMEC Production Planning

Build a balanced plan for your farming production cycle. Optimize your resources and crop rotations against yields and costs.

FMEC Production Management, Monitoring & Irrigation

Create, manage, dispatch and track your production stages as well as daily agri-operation. Integrated with a monitoring system through machinery | irrigation telemetry to obtain credible production facts.

FMEC Stock

Get full control over your stock levels and stock movements. Integration with other modules allows you to allocate and issue stock against an order or request and move it in real time thanks to telemetry integration.

FMEC Fleet & Logistics

Create, manage, dispatch and track your daily transportation needs integrated by monitoring telemetry to get credible real time facts. Optimize routes, control fuel and mileage as well as fleet campaign movement.

FMEC Weighbrige

Get automated real time weight readings and transfer into your central stock system as well as comprehensive system abuse control (sensors, cameras, RFID, license plate recognition etc.)

FMEC Maintenance & Repair

Manage your fleet maintenance and repair processes. Shift to preventive maintenance system. Telemetry integration provides you with automatic machine hours. Mobile applications help record defects in the field.

FMEC Quality

Leverage your gross and net stock levels in real time. Connect lab hardware for automated testing parameters to capture real time quality and dispatch products produced on farm which are fully traceable back to specific field.

FMEC Harvesting

Track and secure your product from field to storage. Control product volume movement through every step of the harvesting process.

FMEC Costs

Get detailed cost of production per crop, year, and field units. Understand efficiency of your field and production blocks. Allocate direct costs to crop and field and indirect costs onto field groups.

Implementation example

This implementation example reveals how the solution seamlessly integrates into company ERP and Cropio filed management and monitoring software.


Technology Stack

Real-Time Dashboards

The heart of the system is the real time dashboards we build that reflect key indicators of the corresponding process. This enables you to understand how good the process works on a daily basis and if perceived and projected value or result has been achieved at a certain stage of the production cycle.

FMEC Field & Crop Management

FMEC in partnership with Cropio, the world's most advanced crop health management and vegetation control platform, helps farms set up a state-of-the-art approach for day-to-day crop and field management challenges.
We help you launch a digital approach in farm management using Cropio from the very beginning and then provide a day-to-day support and personal training.

FMEC Field & Crop Management


With powerful Cropio field management functionality toolset, our competency centers will launch and run an immaculate crop management solution.

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