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Farming Mechanization Engineering Consultancy

About FMEC Group

The FMEC Group was formed on the back of proven agricultural project delivery in the most extreme conditions.

The management team has successfully developed projects in Eastern Europe, Russia, and Africa with over 884 000 acres collectively managed over a period of 8 years. Our skillset combines an understanding of farming and finance together with land and agricultural asset management including financial planning. We recruit, operate and manage machines for long term success. We have the ability to brokerage land, find project financing, and ensure compliance.

About Us

Our Mission

To successfully develop sustainable agricultural projects using the correct cropping strategies through the efficient use of modern mechanization and digitalization fit for the role at hand and maintaining or improving biodiversity by managing the natural resources given soil, water and energy.

Our Vision

Land is not inherited from our ancestors but borrowed from our children we the current generation must do all that is possible to correct use and maintain the land with all modern tools available FMEC Group strives to maintain sustainable productive systems nurturing the god give resources at hand.

Our Values

Soil, Water, People, Integrity and making sure people understand sustainable agricultural projects need a long term vision.