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Given our historic agricultural management footprint that consists of over 884 000 acres farmed across 74 farms around the globe with over 2 million metric tons of cereals, oilseeds, fodder, fruit, and vegetables produced and marketed we bring a diverse specialist team that will contribute a unique set of services to large scale farms.



We align the decisions and strategy involved in long term sustainability of large agricultural organizations by implementing practical solutions at the farm level The farm operations are integrated together with a business model that adjusts for an individual, customers for optimum productivity and profitability litigating risks. Environmental management is key to long term sustainability. We believe in looking after the two vital components in achieving Yield, Soil, and Water Conserving and managing these two key resources are our primary aim.

  • Agronomy
  • Irrigation & Water Management
  • Quality Control
  • Project Developement
  • Soil management
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Strategic partnership with global agricultural machinery and irrigation manufacturers creates the ability to source-supply-train globally enabling a unique function for the customer. We'll look after your operations with minimal downtime.

  • Mechanical Solutions & Sourcing
  • Parts management
  • Operator`s Training
  • AGCO Agri-Park
  • Mechanical Replacement Strategies
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Detailed agricultural due diligence in conjunction with legal, accounting, and evaluation process. We carry out the full assessment of agricultural projects and have the resources to manage the transactions from the beginning to the end.

  • Business Plans
  • Due Diligence
  • Sourcing Farm & AG Land
  • Marketing
  • Land Quality Assessment
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We possess the ability to provide a unique combination of practical solutions by the utilization of cutting edge technology, big data, and algorithms in order to change the way farming decisions are made on the ground. We build, launch and operate complex integrated solutions that deliver measurable values via making predictions and running live factor models which enable real-time decision making.

  • Business processes
  • Technology
  • Live, Credible & Integral (Big) Data
  • Factor Models & ML Predictions
  • Real-Time Decisions
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Strategic Partnership

With key accounts with many manufacturers and dealerships for modern machinery, FMEC Group brings a unique function to the customer in the ability to offer brands and mechanical solutions at the fair price.


The FMEC Group was formed on the back of proven agricultural project delivery in the most extreme conditions. Our Team successfully developed projects in Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa and Western Europe with over 800 000 Ha collectively managed over a period of 8 years

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Farming Projects

Our expertise comes from years of successful agriculture project development. We've done both extensive greenfield irrigation projects which have been delivered on time and in budget leading to extensive agricultural production on all sites.

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Focus On
Operational Excellence

Our farming history has a proven background on delivering operational excellence through increasing the operational efficiencies which leads to improved yields and environmental improvements.

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